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The Organic Food Shop

At The Organic Food Shop our goal is to create opportunities for our customers to find, buy and enjoy beautiful nutritious produce that is locally grown and sustainably produced. Finding out where your food comes from has become increasingly difficult but we believe there is a way for people to get back to basics and it starts here, with our little online shop and our organic boutique butchery.

Our beautifully organic produce is all locally sourced and seasonally grown. This means not everything is available all the time, but everything that tastes exactly as Mother Nature intended it to.

Our Boutique Butchery

Beef and lamb form a staple of most Kiwi diets but too often we are asked to compromise on quality or kept in the dark about waste and unsustainable practices. We know it sounds ambitious, but this Boutique Butchery is our answer to taking this back to a simpler time, we know you can taste the difference.

Our Boutique Butchery employs a ‘whole beast’ philosophy which means that use as much as possible from every beast. From sirloins and lamb racks to sausages and pet food, we are committed to bringing the best of everything straight to your table.

Our Farms

The history of Pikiroa Organic Farm dates back over 100 years when Russell Bayleys family bought the farm up in the Owairaka Valley in central Waikato (40 minutes South of Hamilton). Russell is the fourth generation of the Bayley family to care and manage Pikiroa, and after some years conventional dry stock farming, in 1998 Russell had the foresight to start the process of transitioning the farm into organics, through the Biogro certification process.

25 years later and Pikiroa Farm continues to flourish under organic guidelines and protocols, and today through The Organic Food Shop we are thrilled to bring our beef and lamb to our customers.

100% NZ Certified Organic Beef & Lamb

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